2 Stroke VS 4 Stroke Engines

2 Stroke VS. 4 Stroke engines…..this is becoming a big topic in the riding world.  I started out riding when 2 strokes were dominant.  Two Strokes are fast when you look at how little the engines CC’s are (example the 250cc.)They have great power but only through a relatively small range of high RPM.  This is where the problems come into play. 

If you’re a new rider, its hard to keep the RPM’s in the small window of good power.  Two strokes always keep the riders on their toes.  They want to be shifted a lot, the clutch slips, and the RPM’s are screaming. This can make for a lot of fun. The maintenance on a 2 stroke is pretty basic since they use reeds instead of valves.  The only tricky thing about some 2 stroke motors is most of them require the oil to be mixed right in with the fuel.  It is very simple to do, just be sure to keep a jug for premixed fuel only.

 The 4 stroke is a totally different animal.  I had just bought my first Honda 650 4 stroke ATV in 2005.  I have to say it took some getting used to.  It’s much heavier and wider than I was used to.  It doesn’t get up to speed as quickly as the 2 stroke does right at first; however, it runs right by it on the top end.  The nice thing about 4 stroke motors is you can be at  low RPM’s and pin the throttle and it gets up and goes.  They have a lot of power from low RPM’s until its time to shift.  Four strokes don’t turn as high of RPM as 2 strokes, but they make power over a wider range of. This means you don’t have to work hard to find good power. Basically pick a decent gear and pin it. The down side to 4 strokes is they require more maintenance.  The valves need to be adjusted, the spring pressure needs checked, oil filters changed, and valves lapped.  These are things anyone with a little mechanical skill can learn to do on their own.  It seems like a lot of work, time, and money just to ride, but it’s actually pretty cheap to take back to the dealer to have serviced.  The 4 stroke is a very reliable machine and is quickly becoming the wave of the future.  Years ago you couldn’t find a 4 stroke able to hang with a 2 stroke.   Today we see 4 strokes everywhere.  They are just easier on the rider, and are always making big power.