Corn Burning for the Winter

burncorn.jpgThe winter months are here and we all need some good heat. Due to the rising cost of natural gas, wood burning is in demand more than ever. Though it still cost less than natural gas, it is difficult to store, as well as to transport. So we all ask what can we do now? Well why not look into our own backyards. Corn has become the future of our nation. It makes sense to take a natural resource and use it to our benefit. It costs less, burns efficiently, and is easy to find. There are universal stoves available to burn wood, corn, and even pellets. The key is finding the right choice for you and your budget. However, I would suggest going with corn burning. It gives off less emissions, and burns cleaner, which is better for the environment.



So if the choice comes up for you, choosing corn will not only provide your family with the warmth you will need all winter, but you will save the air we breathe from becoming more polluted.