Synthetic VS Standard Oil

Amalie Motor oil

Synthetic VS. Standard Oil. What are they? What is the difference? Is one brand better? The big question out there is if synthetic motor oil isĀ better than standard motor oil. Well the answer is yes it is! Here are a couple of simple reasons why.

Synthetic oil protects your engine better at lower temperatures and at higher temperatures than standard oil. This is a big plus to your engine when you go to start it up in very cold weather conditions. Standard motor oil tends to thicken at cold temperatures making it hard for the pump to do its job, where synthetic oil is still thin and easily pumped through the motor. A lot of damage to your engine can be caused during the start up if your oil pressure is to low. On the other side you have heat. Synthetic oil is designed to protect your oil from thermal breakdown due to high temperatures. Standard oil protects your engine at normal operating ranges. However,when standard motor oil is introduced to high temperatures it tends to break down the structure of the oil and creates sludge.

The one thing to keep in mind is that 5W-30 standard and 5w-30 synthetic have the same oil viscosity. The only reason synthetic oil can flow better is because of its base material. If you drive in normal conditions you are fine with standard motor oil, providing you change the oil frequently. If you drive in high heat and in cold conditions you should look into a synthetic motor oil. The one big thing to look for is whether or not the vehicles manufacturer warranty will become void if you switch to synthetic oil if the vehicle calls for standard.