Choosing the Right Hair Color: Ash, Natural Or Gold?

Choosing hair colorChoosing the right hair color can sometimes be confusing. How do I know what it will look like, and how will it turn out? Well, there are many factors to consider when answering that question.  Each person will have a different answer. Not everyone will have the same result even if they are using the same color. I have been a hairdresser for over 10 years and hair color can be a tricky task. So if you have any doubts it might be best to ask a professional. You may even want to go to a salon the first time to get a feel for what you are in for if you are drastically changing your color. The more knowledge you have the better your color will look! There are codes on the boxes that many of us don’t realize what they mean and how they may work with our own hair.

Here are a few things to look for and to remember when choosing the right hair color:

  • Determine what your natural color is, and then what color you would like to be. This can be tough though. Many people don’t realize that if you already have color on your hair it will be even harder to determine how it will turn out.
  • Each shade has a number and a letter that determines what color and level it is. If you have black hair you would be a level 1, and if you have platinum blonde hair you would be a level 10.  So if you have dark brown hair and want to be blonde it can sometimes be a lengthy process.  Your hair has to travel from say a level 4, all the way to an 8-10. Always read the manufacturer’s directions for the type of color you have, and how long it can be left on the hair. Getting to the exact color you want may mean a few coloring processes.
  • Next code to look at is the letter.  There are A’s, N’s, and G’s. This is the important part for choosing a color that works for you.

Ash Hair Colors:

  • These colors will have an  “A”, which stands for ASH. This means if your hair always has a red or gold tone to it after you color, ash might be the right choice for you. It has base colors to equal out the gold and red tones.

Natural Hair Colors:

  • These colors will have a “N”  for NATURAL.  For most of us this is the right choice. It has natural tones of color to go with most shades. Using these colors will look the most natural when covering grey or making your hair darker after you have already colored it a lighter shade.

Gold Hair Colors:

  • You will see a “G” on these colors, for the GOLD tones. This is used if you like more vibrant brown or red colors. They can be tricky so choose your color wisely. Gold’s can be fun and add little more shine to the hair that the natural tone doesn’t give you.

I hope this helps you to have a better understanding of what to look for when you go to your local drugstore or even beauty supply store that sells your favorite color. Most beauty supply stores have people who can answer any questions you may have at the time you are looking. Good Luck!