Propane Gauges

Recently, I was cooking on my grill and what do you know, after doing all of the tank checks, yep I ran out of propane. Most tanks come with a strip on the side where you pour warm water on it and it’s supposed to tell you how full it is. Well it didn’t work. I’m sure you can image the frustration. This isn’t the first time this gauge has failed on me. Sometimes I like to work on small projects in my garage. I use a propane salamander heater to heat it. This is where the strip gauge first failed me.


After running out of propane twice, I started looking for a cheap setup that would be more accurate than the standard strip on the side of the tank. What I found is that I was not the only one to have this problem and not to worry there are some very simple devices out there to make reading the level of propane in your tank extremely simple. There is no warm water involved; it’s just a simple gauge.


I decided I would try it out to see if it’s more accurate. I think it works great. The other cool feature on this gauge is you can tell if the tank is being filled all the way from where you buy it. Then you won’t have to rely on the old weight gauge of your hand. I like the gauge so much; I think these gauges should come stock with all grills, or on the propane tanks themselves. That way if you are using the tank for other uses than just your backyard grill, you won’t have to worry about running out of gas.