Tips for a Better Highlight

highlight kitFor many of us it can be very expensive to have our hair highlighted at a salon.  So we turn to ourselves for the cheapest, and hopefully the most beautiful highlight we can get.  This can be a difficult task to achieve for those of us who have darker hair.

Here are a few tips for a better highlight:

  • You will want to start by determining the color you are and what color you want to be.  Most kits come with charts to help you determine how long to leave the bleach on for. Keep in mind if you already have color on your hair, it might take longer to lift it out.
  • Choosing the best method for your length of hair or for the style of highlight you would like can be the toughest decision.  So as a stylist, I would recommend using a cap for shorter hair. It provides the most blended look for shorter styles. Shoulder length is about the longest I would pull through a cap. Anything longer than shoulder length I would look into other methods, such as foiling or painting of the hair.
  • Be careful not to make the holes too big or pull too much hair through the cap, as it can cause the bleach to bleed through.  Any bleeding can cause large spots close to the scalp giving you the leopard effect, which you don’t want.  If you are consistent when pulling the hair through the cap you should have no problems.  A little salon trick I learned is to apply baby powder to the hair before putting the cap on to soften the hair so it is easier to pull through.
  • The right product is what will make the highlight turn out the best.  The darker your hair is the longer you will need to leave the bleach on.  Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions so you don’t over work your hair. Also make sure you don’t take it off too early. You can under process the hair and end up with an orange highlight.

Highlight kits

Bleach kits are sold which include the cap, the hook to pull the hair through, and the bleach & developer. Other kits you can choose from are ones that are just considered a touch up and are applied just with a finger applicator. The kits are pretty basic and can achieve an excellent highlight. Good luck to all of you who do your own highlighting, as it can be a challenge but it can also be very fun!