Lift Kits for ATV’s


Just the other day I was out riding and got hung up on a down tree that was lying across the trail. That is not a good feeling, but having  it happen made me wonder if anyone was making lift kits for ATV’s. What I found was some kits that take your ATV from a stock ATV and turns it into a machine of basically any size you want.

Check out this picture of a Yamaha Grizzley lifted 12″ or better (top right). This ATV is crazy huge. I found this picture on and the name of there web site fits there content perfectly. If you are in need of a lift kit for your ATV, whether its 2″ or 10″ check out They have a nice selection of solid lift kits for your ATV and there are also some other links on this page that might be able to help with your lifting needs.

High Lifter ATV Lift Kit – Honda (All Models)

I had ordered a 2″ kit from yasky atv and it worked out great. It was also very basic to install. For a 2″ lift it’s only going to cost you a couple of hundred dollars. If you need to go bigger for mudd bogging purposes or to clear bigger trees, then it could cost you several thousands of dollars.