RC Helicopters

Have you ever thought being a pilot might be fun or even a little challenging? Well It can be a lot of both, even if it is just an RC helicopter pilot. I have always wanted to own one but just wasn’t ready to invest the money. I always thought for a decent helicopter that would actually fly I would have to spend a couple of hundred dollars or more. Well come to find out I was wrong. My brother has found some that would fly just fine and didn’t even cost fifty dollars. Perfect for a beginner. So for Christmas this year he sent me one. It’s called the Dragonfly. It’s alot funner than I even thought it would be. Now I am by far not an expierenced RC pilot, but I can still fly this helicopter pretty well. If you are interested in flying a beginner helicopter this will be a great starter. I liked this helicopter a lot because you can wreck it were you might think it’s broke for good, but suprisingly its not. Just pick it up and fly again, its great! This is a cool video I found on youtube.com that shows the Dragonfly in action!