Blade CX2 Helicopters

For all of you helicopter enthusiast out there the new Blade CX2 has arrived.

I started out flying the well known beginner Dragonfly helicopter, and have recently upgraded to the Blade CX2. The CX2 is an incredibly stable helicopter in flight. The very first time out of the box the CX2 was in an effortless hover with very little use of the controls. This helicopter easily fly’s up to 50 feet in calm winds and it will still go higher if you need (and I know this from experience).

If you should need replacement parts for your CX2, most local hobby shops carry parts in stock. I have checked out the local hobby stores in town and have found a lot of after market upgrades available for the CX2. I do recommend purchasing extra wings incase you lose control. Wings are available in packages of three for upper and lower blades. That is about the only thing you should break on low level flight crashes. Every crash I have had has been simple operator errors with minimal damage.

Check out the video below to see how simple the CX2 can be to control. This helicopter is flying in a relatively small area with ease. Now that’s what I call a helicopter!