Free Skill Games

If you like games that require you to think or maybe even struggle a little bit, then check out  some of these games I have posted. The games on the left in the “read more” section are all free and full of fun. If you can beat all of these then its time to step up to a higher level and purchase some of the games.

Crazy Cube is a game that is challanging, and like any good game frustrating. If you are good at figuring out paths and matching colors then you are sure to like this game. There are also some difficult maze games for you to try and master.

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The most unique game I have played lately is called Spin The Black Circle. It is different from any other game I have played, which is what makes it so fun. Check out these mind challenging games and be sure to drop us a line on some of your favorites.

Spin The Black Circle


A Maze Race