Quality Hair Clippers

Photo by Flickr userFor many of us being able to give your family, or friends, a haircut at home can be a huge help. Not only are you saving money, but the in-home convenience is to your advantage. Now you will not have to worry if the salon is open at 8 pm on a Friday night, or how busy it will be. Using clippers at home gives you the flexibility to get a haircut when it works best for YOU! I personally have given many haircuts in the past several years in the salon and at home. After a few different brands of cheaper quality clippers quit on me, I realized that this was not the way to go. Purchasing a quality set of clippers was what I should have done years ago. I have finally found good, quality and durable hair clippers that work well at the salon AND in the home.

My first choice for a good quality hair clipper is the Oster 76 classic. It is quite pricey for just a few random haircuts, but if you are cutting hair much more often I would recommend it. If this clipper is maintained properly it can last a very long time.  I have been using my set of Oster’s for over 5 years and they are still working great.

My second choice for a quality clipper would be the Wahl 08 Sterling Reflections Clipper. This clipper does professional hair cutting at a more reasonable price. It is durable enough to use every day, yet cheap enough to use as a home clipper for the family. Proper maintenance of the clipper will keep it cutting for years. I have personally used this clipper before and was very happy with it.

Amazon is a great place to go check out many types of professional hair clippers that will last longer than those from the department stores. You do have to wait on shipping but the prices, that I have seen, are unbeatable. If you are in a hurry for clippers, then I would suggest trying a local beauty supply store. Granted you might pay slightly more than what Amazon has to offer, but you can usually walk out with a pair of clippers that day. In the long run, only having to purchase 1-2 sets of quality hair clippers will be a money-saving advantage compared to 5-6 sets of cheaper hair clippers.

Have a clipper that you love? Comment and let us know what your favorite one is!