Hair Therapy Products

Many of us are coloring our own hair at home today. It has been said that 8 out of every 10 women have dry to damaged hair.  There can be several ways to help prevent this, as well as mend your hair after you have colored it. Many of us don’t realize it can be a huge difference on what type of hair therapy products you are using.

Generic shampoo is not the best shampoo for your hair. It can be more expensive for the professional brand, but without a doubt, if you do color your own hair, it can make all the difference in maintaining and possibly improving the condition of your hair. A good moisturizing conditioner is also a big plus.  The shampoos with the conditioner all in one are not very good at treating moisture loss from coloring. Not all shampoos and conditioners are good for your hair. Many can cause stripping of the color you just put in it, especially if you have shades of red in your hair.Photo by Flickr user Sten Dueland

I would recommend using a professional hair product at all times. I know for many of us it’s an expense that is just not in the budget. Keep an eye out in salons for combo packs that come with shampoo and conditioner. You can usually get quite a discount for buying in doubles. Salons will sometimes clearance out products when they are introducing a new line or adding inventory.

For most people a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is going to be the best treatment. If you can’t find moisturizing shampoos you like, at least use a good moisturizing conditioner. A cream rinse is always good to use especially with coloring.  Hair can sometimes feel like straw and be very hard to comb through after shampooing.  For those of you who have really stressed out your hair, a bi-weekly protein treatment would be beneficial.  Nexxus has been a top selling product for many salons and hair stylists for many years. There products are some of the best for maintaining color treated hair.

Here are a few of them to look into that I have found to be the best:

* Therappe Moisturizing Shampoo is one of the best shampoos for your hair. It has a wonderful coconut scent that is very subtle yet wonderful. It does a great job for any type of chemically processed hair. Even if you do not over process your hair but are sometimes a little dry, it can be very effective for the hair and scalp.

* Humectress Moisturizing Conditioner is the best moisturizing conditioner by far. It has many ingredients to help seal down the hair shaft and it also has a wonderful scent. You can use this conditioner on a daily basis without over moisturizing.

* Ensure is more of a cream rinse. It is very effective for color treated hair to seal down the outer layer of the hair to help eliminate color fading. It will also help with split ends, and has a great grapefruit and citrus scent. This is a wonderful cream rinse you can use with the Humectress or alone.

* Keraphix is a protein treatment that should only be used 2 maybe 3 times a week depending on how damaged your hair is. It helps to repair damaged spots in the hair that needs more than just moisture to fix. It too can be used with the Humectress and Ensure. Just mix them together and apply to the hair at the same time and leave them on for 3-5 minutes after you have shampooed.
If you take care of your hair it can make for a better coloring experience in the future. The better the condition of the hair before you color, the better the color will look and the better your hair will feel if you continue to use the products between touch-ups