Viewing The Space Station


INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATIONThe ISS started building in 1998. With it’s great achievments, the space station has become a big part of the way we view outer space. For astronauts, it is getting the opportunity to take a rare glimpse at the Earth itself. The ISS has become a sight that a lot of us would like to see, but just dont know when to look. Some of us may think viewing the space station is a rare sight, but in fact it can be seen several times in a single month. Viewing the space station requires accurate time and knowing your directions.

So the big question is, when do I look for the space station? Well NASA has the answer. They have come out with a program where you can enter in your zip code and it will tell you when the next sighting will be. It really is that easy. Not only do they tell you when you can see the space station, but they have a list of other satellites you can also track.

I find viewing the space station and the shuttle to be amazing. Just to think there are people in outer space that are flying right over us. It only last a few minutes at best, but it’s well worth the view.

To check out when the space station will be visible in your area, check out the link below.