What Planets are Visible Tonight?

starry night.jpg

Have you been looking into the clear spring skies? But you’re not sure what that flicking light really is? The guessing game is now over. Welcome the software starry nights. It’s a perfect fit for the beginner and the novice astronomers. Simply type in your zip code and you can browse the night sky with ease. It’s an easy to follow program that can answer many questions to what is really out there. Even If you don’t have a telescope, this program can help to understand what that light in the sky really is. We can see so much with our telescopes, yet knowing what we are looking at makes it that much more exciting.

We have put this program on the read more section of this article. Feel free to use it at your convenience. Be sure to check into Starry Nights from time to time, as the night sky is a changing place. Many planets come in and out of view. Maybe you will get the chance to see them all!


How to Use:
1. Click on the city and state.

2. Type in your zip code and choose what you would like displayed. {Planets and stars}

3. Hit done and choose what direction you witch to look in.

Hint: If you can’t see what you know is out there. Like the moon. Then make sure you’re pointing in the right direction

then use the arrows to move around the map.