Flea Treatment for Cats


For those of you who own a cat or kitten as a pet, it can be sometimes difficult to find the right treatment to prevent fleas from causing problems for your pet.  For us we have a cat that likes to go outdoors, so it can be even more of a challenge to keep the fleas away.

When we first found our cat he was a stray that came around for the attention and a meal. We knew we would have to clean him and up and and treat him for fleas or anything else he may have so we could take him in. The treatment we have found is rather inexpensive yet it is very effective for our cat.  It is available at your local Wal Mart so it is readily available to pretty much everyone.

It does require a monthly treatment, but if it keeps the fleas away from your cat, it can be well worth it.  Since we have been using the treatment, we feel our cat is much happier. We have tried many other types of treatments in the past like sprays and powders, but never had any luck like we had with this one treatment.

So if you want to make your cat happier and flea free, we would recommend this treatment to you and your cat.  We have used it ever since we have taken him in and have not found any signs of fleas since.