Lawn Aeration

Aerator with ATV

Many of us have our own way of preparing our lawns for winter, but we have found that lawns grow the most in the spring and fall seasons. So those are the best times to help the grass grow. The reason grass grows best in fall and spring is because it is coming out of dormancy. Want to improve how your lawn looks? After doing this one simple task, you are sure to see a difference.

One of the easiest ways to improve your lawn is by aeration. A plug aerator not only helps your lawn breathe, but also helps it absorb the fertilizer you are putting down. It also helps break down heavy thatched areas of grass by putting fresh soil on top of the thatch layer to help it break down.

4 inch lawn plug aerator
4 inch lawn plug aerator

There are a couple of ways to aerate. Plug aeration is mostly the preferred method.  Spike aerating is not the best way to loosen soil, it actually compacts it tighter. Plug aerating is a great chance for you to use your ATV to ensure the whole yard is aerated efficiently. Some aerators are smaller so you can use your lawn tractor, but heavier ones require a stronger pull.  They also have walk behind aerators for smaller lawns.You can aerate your lawn in the early spring and fall. If you’re going to aerate in the fall be sure and give the fertilizer three to four weeks to work before the winter months. This will ensure your lawn has the nutrients to grow strong before winter dormancy.