“The Magic Bullet” Pros and Cons

SNV10729.JPGI am sure many of you have seen the “as seen on TV” product, the Magic Bullet. I know I have seen the infomercials for it many times on the weekends searching for something to watch. I found mine at the local Wal-Mart store. It costs the same as on TV, and came with everything they advertised it would on the infomercial. So does it really work the way they say it does? I would say that is the magic question. Here are some pros and con’s I have found using it at home.

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• It does grind very well. Sometimes you have to stop and shake it to move things around, but it does a good job. Coffee   beans do really well for fresh ground coffee.

• Anything you want pureed’, it will do it. Things like salsa, or making a great cocktail works really good.

• Using a heavy whipping cream to make mousse or puddings does really well. It takes no time at all to whip up some fresh   cool whip to top off any dessert.

• It also does really good making sauces. Especially when making nachos or an alfredo sauce, as the plastic container’s  can go in the microwave and dishwasher.


• I can tell you from experience, if there is something you do not want to puree’, do not put it in the magic bullet. I   tried to make egg salad and it puréed the eggs. It was not very good. I like chunks of egg not mushy eggs.

• I had a really hard time getting the larger container to keep the food moving into the middle to be chopped. It would   puree everything on the bottom, but leave big pieces at the top. I had to stop several times to try and get the big   pieces into the blades. Once in the blades it was pureed.

• I never could get it to really “chop” like they show on TV. If you want garlic and onions to be pretty much pulverized,   then it’s the tool for you. If you like it left in bigger pieces, cutting them on a cutting board would be the better   option.

So there are good and bad that go with any product you find on TV. Just be sure to do some homework, and make sure it is something you might use. I would say the magic bullet was a good buy for those quick drinks, fresh salsa, and whipped eggs. If you like fresh chopped herbs, garlic, or onions, I would suggest the old fashioned way of chopping unless you like them pureed. All in all it gets the thumbs up from me!