*UPDATED* Best Eyeliner on the Market

*UPDATED* I no longer use this eyeliner. Click here to see what I am using now!


Every woman loves to look beautiful. We leave the house with our makeup looking perfect. There is nothing more frustrating than looking into the mirror and then realizing your eyeliner is now making you look like a raccoon because it has ran only after an hour of putting it on. After trying several different types and brands of eyeliner, there is only one that I have deemed worthy of writing about.

Mary Kay has an eyeliner that is superior to all. It is very easy to apply and will stay all day and night long. It is water proof and I have truly tested this. After my grandpa’s funeral, I can say that I should have not had any eyeliner left because of the tears. This was not the case. My eyeliner was just as I had put it on.

There are 7 gorgeous colors to choose from. With only being around $12, this makes it affordable to have a few different ones to choose from. You can always find the black, deep brown and violet ink in my make-up bag. Another wonderful thing about these eyeliners is the time it takes to use one completely. It seems like the never ending eyeliner. It will last you a few months if not more!

You will not be disappointed with this wonderful eyeliner. When given the opportunity to make your eyes more stunning, this eyeliner will do just that! There will be no more re-applying your eyeliner or torturous trips to the mirror to check your makeup!