Nylabone: The Best Bone for Dogs’ Dental Care!

Nylabone Daily Dental

With being a hygienist, I am always looking at people’s mouth and gums. It does not stop there. I noticed that our 2 year old dog was getting tartar on some of his back teeth. Knowing the importance of keeping gums and teeth healthy, I went on a hunt for products that would help with this. There are several bones and chew toys that claim to help with dogs dental needs. There is only one that I found was working and doing what it claims.

Since our Brutus has several allergies, the only chew toys and bones that he can have are ones that are not made out of raw hide. I have always liked the Nylabone
toys because of their durability. I came across the Daily Dental one and thought I would try it. Brutus is about 25lbs, so I decided to get him the medium size one. You want to make sure that you get a bigger one than what your dog would normally use. The bigger size bone makes the dog chew more on his back side teeth since it is too big to chew in the front. This is the area that tartar tends to build up on teeth.

The Daily Dental Nylabone
has several ridges on the bone. When chewing on the side teeth, the ridges actually hit the dogs’ gums and help clean them. There are other bones that claim this, but I knew this one specifically was working. After just a few minutes of chewing on the bone, Brutus had bloody slobber on the bone. At first, this was concerning. I then took the bone from him and looked in his mouth. Much to my surprise, the area that he had his tartar was getting hit from the ridges on the bone and making his gums bleed. Not that bleeding gums are a good thing, but this means that it was getting to the area that it should be. I monitored the amount of time that he chewed on the bone and only let him keep it for about 15 minutes. I did not want him to cause soreness to this area.

After getting the bone for more and more time each day Brutus now has a daily bone that he can chew on whenever he would like. He does not have any limitations to this bone anymore and now has healthier gums and teeth. There is tartar that is still there, but I was shocked to see that most of it is gone. This is a bone that I would recommend and keep using for all dogs!