The Easy & Cheap Way to Remove Chlorine, Rust (Iron) or Build-Up from Hair

Before Lemonade treatment
After Lemonade treatment

In today’s recession everyone is looking for ways to save money. I recently took my daughter to get her hair cut and they recommended her to do a Malibu treatment to get all the summer chlorine out of her hair. They had said that her hair was very weighted down and “plasticy” because of this build up. I declined the service because I knew of a cheaper way to get just as good results. Here is the easy and cheap way to remove chlorine, rust (iron) and all other build up out of your hair.
 No one would ever think that Lemonade Kool-Aid would be something that they would EVER put in their hair. I, on the other hand, have done this several times throughout my years. When I feel like my hair is getting stringy and has build up on it, I simply apply this and after about 5 minutes my hair is better. The Lemonade Kool-Aid removes the green from chlorine, the red from iron and rust and the dullness feeling from lingering products!

How to use:

  • Get hair wet.
  • Apply a nickel sized amount of shampoo in your hand.
  • Add Lemonade Kool-Aid packet to shampoo in hand.
  • Add another nickel sized amount of shampoo in hand.
  • Stir with finger in hand.
  • Apply generously to all hair and let sit for 5 minutes. (Be careful not to get in eyes, it will STING.)
  • Rinse out.
  • Follow up with conditioner.
After Lemonade 2
After Lemonade Treatment
After Lemonade-thumb-200x132
Before Lemonade treatment

After following these simple directions, you will notice your hair being much more shiny and healthy feeling. The dullness and green or red color will have been removed. This is something that I highly recommend for happy hair!

  • Please feel free to share your before and after pictures!

  • VitaminH

    Wow – I wish I knew this a few years ago when I worked on a temporary assignment as a nurse in the Virgin Islands. I lived in a very nice resort apartment complex that was mostly filled with vacation rentals.

    I had already been dying my dark brown hair it’s natural color to cover grays for several years, without a problem, even when swimming. Suddenly my hair was developing an ugly orange tone within 1-2 weeks after coloring, and even changing dyes didn’t help.

    I eventually learned that this complex got part or all of it’s water from a cistern – or tank – supplied by rainwater, and they added LARGE amounts of chlorine to cut down on the bacteria growth. I was really shocked – I would never have suspected that in such a nice place. Apparently this was a common situation on the island, and my hair problem was not unusual.

    Thank God I had been buying my own drinking water the whole time as my tap water looked “rusty”. In fact, I learned from my coworkers that the municipal water system was unreliable and so most locals did too.

    I later went back as a visitor and stayed in another condo complex that had a water purification system and safe drinking water, like the large resorts do. They didn’t advertise the fact – I found that out by asking. And I had no hair problems there!

    Moral of the story – if you are vacationing outside of a major resort in the Caribbean or anywhere else that this might be a problem, ask about this stuff. And take some lemonade treatment with you!

    • Hi VitaminH-
      Have you tried this yet? We would love to see a before and after picture of your results! So easy and very cheap!

      • VitaminH

        No, I haven’t.

  • Angela

    Our water has been so bad lately my girls hair has all turned a shade of red, one of my girls is the worst! She loves the color but not how stif her hair is from the iron. In trying this tonight on her!

    • Hi Angela-
      How did it go with your girls’ hair?