Pros & Cons of the Swivel Sweeper G2

Thumbnail image for 20120916_183310.jpgEveryone watches the “As Seen On TV” shows and wonders if the products are actually going to work as well as they show. One of the products that I saw was the Swivel Sweeper G2. This is a cordless vacuum that they show pick up several different items on all different surfaces. The bottom has 4 brushes that allow you to use this in a full 360 degree direction. Since it is cordless, they have a rechargeable battery that is 7.2 Volts. As with most people, I am always trying to find something that makes cleaning the house easier. This is what I consider the Pros & Cons of the Swivel Sweeper G2.


•    It is very lightweight.
•    It does work well (at first) with a fully charged battery.
•    The 360 degree swivel works great to get into tight spaces and hard to reach areas.
•    The cleanup of the dirt tray is very easy, with just a push button release that empties all your dirt.
•    Very good for hard surface floors (at first).



•    It does NOT work well on carpet, unless picking up bigger pieces only.
•    This could NEVER be an everyday vacuum due to the low suction power.
•    The battery does not stay charged for a full 45 minutes like they claim it will.
•    After a few uses, the brushes do not work as well as before.
•    If the vacuum is picked up while running, the debris will be shot out the bottom all over to make a bigger mess than you started with.

After having this vacuum for less than a year, it is now in the trash. When I first got it, it was something that I used almost every day in the kitchen. That only lasted a few short weeks. Every time that I used it, it was harder to get it to pick anything up and the battery lasted less and less. This is a product that I would not recommend getting. There are several other vacuums out there that I am sure will do MUCH better than this one.