The Best Leave In Conditioner for Your Hair

best leave in conditionerAs a woman, I have struggled throughout the years to find hair products that do what they claim, and that I actually like. In the years, I have found several products that I do like, but who likes to use 4 different products in their hair BEFORE they even blow dry it. I for sure know that I do not! The way that I came across the It’s a 10 line is actually a fluke. One night after dinner, my boyfriend wanted to get his hair cut. The salon that he goes to was in the same parking lot. So we went there.

We were the only ones in there. The lady that was cutting his hair was extremely nice and we started talking about their different products. I noticed the It’s a 10 line and was asking her about it. The salon that I go to only sells one line, so I was not sure what exactly It’s a 10 really was. After talking to her for a while, I decided to try the smallest bottle of the Miracle Leave-In Product. For the smallest bottle (2 oz.) it was $10. That $10 was all it took for me to be a firm believer in this product. Just this ONE product was taking place of all the other things that I have ever used in my hair previously. The the small bottle was actually saving me from buying so many other products!

You are probably asking yourself why the line is called It’s a 10. I was too. Each product this line distributes has 10 different ways that it will benefit your hair. The Miracle Leave-In Product does do all of the following:

  1. Repairs dry and damaged hair.
  2. Adds shine.
  3. Detangles.
  4. Controls frizz.
  5. Seals and protects hair color.
  6. Prevent split ends.
  7. Stops hair breakage.
  8. Creates silkiness.
  9. Enhances natural body.
  10. Flat iron spray and thermal protection.


Leave In Conditioner

After reading all 10 of the things that this product does, you can see how easy it will be to use just this ONE product. I no longer use a thermal protector or anything to control frizz when my hair is wet. After styling, I used to use a shine mist that is now sitting in the bathroom closet. I also use this product on my 7 year old daughter as a detangle spray for when she gets out of the shower. The smallest 2 oz. bottle has lasted us for over a month. I have mid-back length hair and only use 3 sprays. My daughter has shorter hair, so she only needs 2 sprays. You can see how simple and efficient this one product is and it is something that I wish I would have discovered years and years ago.

Please do not hesitate about the cost of this, because it really will be the only product that you will have to use and you too will know why it is called the “Miracle” Leave-In Product!