What to Expect When Getting Dentures

DenturesKnowing what to expect when getting a dental denture is going to ease your mind and make the process more enjoyable. There are so many commercials on TV that show happy people eating corn on the cob with their dentures. These commercials can be misleading; especially for someone that has never had a denture. Now, I have met those few people that actually can do this, but for the majority of denture wearers that is not the case. Don’t get me wrong, dentures can be life changing for people and the best thing that they have ever done. A good fitting, quality denture takes certain steps to process for the best end result.

EXPECT (and remember) this during the process:


-Most dentures take a few appointments and several weeks to complete.

-You will NOT be able to go out and eat a steak the day that you get your denture. Do not even try it. Give yourself time to adjust to your new

Expect sore spots. It may take several adjustments to get the denture to fit correctly.

-If teeth were just extracted, (pulled) your denture will be loose when fully healed. This is normal. The dentist should have already talked to you about
this and have plans for a reline to make it tighter.


Dentures are a great way to give someone the ability to eat and smile like they have always wanted to. The whole process of getting the denture is one that can be lengthy and frustrating at times if one does not know what to expect. Most dentists will make sure that the patient has a clear understanding of the process, but there may be other questions that arise. Hopefully this list will make your dental denture experience much better with knowing what to expect.