Blood Allergy Test for our Dog

Blood allergy test for our dogAnyone who has had any experience with dog allergies knows that it can be a very frustrating time just doing a “trial and error” approach. This was just the case with our French Bulldog Brutus. Time and time again we were searching for the right food combination that he would not break out from, and every single one was a failure. Enough was enough and it was time to get a blood allergy test for our dog.




The blood allergy test for our dog was easy and mostly painless. Yes, they did have to draw blood to get the testing done, but this seemed minuscule compared to the several raw, itchy spots that he had on his stomach. After his blood was drawn and sent to the lab, we got a phone call from our vet in about a week. Come to find out, we would have been searching and searching for that perfect food combination for Brutus and would have NEVER found it. Not to mention, the numerous other environmental allergies that showed up positive on his test including being allergic to all different types of grass.

The lab that did his blood allergy test sent a very nice report (In Brutus’ case basically like a manual) as to what he was and was not allergic to. In this report they listed ALL food that would be safe for him and also ALL treats. Without having done the blood allergy test, we would have never been able to get something so specific for him. Honestly, if we would have known that the test would have been so helpful we would have done it from the beginning.

My advice for anyone that has a pet that is suffering from allergies is to make the decision to get the blood allergy test. It will make your life so much easier and your pet so much more comfortable. Knowing the specific allergies that your pet has will help you and your vet in making the correct choices for their food and treats.