Dry Erase Board Wall Paint: Does It Really Work?

Dry erase paintIf you are like me, then you see all these cute commercials and pictures floating around the internet on creative ways to decorate your walls. Now, I will be the first one to say that the last word that anyone would use to describe me would be “artistic.” This is why when there was talk about using the dry erase board wall paint, it was quickly decided that this would NOT be done on our wall. Instead, we would make a free standing board and then hang it on our wall. I see all these “epic fails” of projects that are posted on pinterest, and was hoping that we were not about to do the same. So, we were about to find out if Rust-Oleum’s dry erase board wall paint would really do what we were expecting it to do.

The simple answer to this question is yes. It really does work like it is supposed to. Although there were several steps that we did in order to help this project the best that we could. This is how we did our dry erase board:

1. We first went to the store and picked up a 4X4 foot board.

2. We then used a very fine sandpaper to give it a smooth finish before starting to paint it.

dry erase board sander

3. Since it was a fresh piece of board, we used a primer before the dry erase board wall paint.

Dry erase board

4. Following directions, we mixed part A and part B together.

Dry erase paint mix

5. We applied 2 layers of the paint and let it dry for a full 24 hours.

Dry erase painting

I have to say that when the project was done, we were all quite pleased with how it turned out. The paint really does turn something into a dry erase board. One thing that we did notice, was that it is a little harder to erase on than a normal board. We used a damp rag and this made it look just like new.

Please feel free to leave feedback for us on how your project went with your Rust-Oleum dry erase board wall paint!