The Easiest Way To Remove Tar From A Car

Tar RemoverThis past weekend was very warm and sunny, so we decided to wash our cars at home. (Technically speaking it was the truck and Jeep.) I knew that the Jeep was in desperate need for a good cleaning, so we jumped right in. What we did not realize was how much tar was actually on the car. Now, I am not talking just a little bit here and there. It looked like we had driven in a tar pit. If you have ever had any experience with trying to get tar off a car, then you know that this can be a very defeating task. We decided to go to the auto store and get a product to help with the tar removal. There were so many different tar removal products it was hard to choose. Little did we know, the one that we choose was going to be such a miracle product. After using the Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover, we were left speechless. This really was the easiest way to remove tar from a car.


Following these steps will get a tar-free car in no time at all:






  • Start off with a freshly washed clean car. This will ensure that you are actually dealing with tar instead of dirt or mud.

    Before tar remover
  • Spray the tar remover on all spots. You may choose to break this into sections depending on the amount of tar present on your car.

    Tar remover spray
    Tar spots sprayed
  • Leave tar remover on spots until you see the tar starting to “run.” This usually takes anywhere from 30 seconds up to a few minutes depending on the side of the spot.

    Tar Remover Run
    Tar starting to “run”
  • Check large areas of tar by rubbing light finger pressure over spot. If it is not starting to break down, spray again and wait a few more minutes.

    Tar removal check
    Checking large piece of tar with finger
  • Gently wipe away tar with a microfiber cloth making sure to use a clean area on each new spot.

    Wiping away tar
    Microfiber cloth removal
  • If there are remaining tar spots, a second application may be needed.
    After tar remover


If you ever have the unfortunate task of removing tar from your car, I would start by going to your local auto store and purchasing Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover. Using this product will make the daunting task of tar removal one that is not that hard to do.

Do you have any other tips on tar removal? Feel free to let us know if you have used this or any other tar removal products. Did it work? What do you prefer? Also let us see the results you got with some pictures!