Tips For Avoiding Ash Green Hair When Coloring

If you are new to the hair coloring world, then I welcome you. Even if you are not new, welcome! Deciding to change your hair color can be something that makes you feel on top of the world when it is done correctly. On the other hand, if the coloring process is not thought out, it can end up going way wrong. We have all seen those people out there that end up with their hair color looking ugly, dull, green and lifeless. Most people think that they can go to the store and pick any hair color and it will work out just fine. This is so untrue! Making sure that the right color is used is critical in the process. Here are some tips for avoiding ash green hair when coloring.

Should I be using ash hair color?

  • Using ash hair color, when not needed, is the main reason people end up with the ash green hair look. Use ash colors when you are:
    • Only looking for a subtle color change.
    • Covering up high-lights.
    • Have several colors in your hair.
    • Covering up gold tones, including blonde.
    • Covering up red tones.
    • If you are still unsure if an ash color is needed, you can read more detail here.

Choosing the right ash hair color:

  • Make sure that the correct strength of developer or processing solution is being used. If the correct strength is not used, your hair may require the color to stay on for a very long time to achieve the correct color. In some cases, the hair may not color correctly at all, resulting in the ash green hair color. To do this:
    • Choose the color you want to end up with.
    • Find what color and level you are starting with. Even if your hair has been colored, you must use the color and level your hair is at the time of coloring.
    • Looking on the box of color, you must make sure that you choose one that will allow your starting color and level to end with what you chose as the final color.
    • Follow the directions on the mixing ratio for the color and developer or processing solution.

Other considerations in avoiding ash green hair:

  • If you have been using ash based hair colors, stick with ash. Using a natural or golden tone color could counter the previously used ash color.
  • Do not use an ash hair color to go darker if you have previously lightened your hair. Lightened hair will soak up all colors, ending with that ash green look.
  • Stick with the same brand every time when coloring. This will ensure more consistent coloring and can prevent any mishaps with color discrepancies.

All in all, ash hair color can be very beneficial for some people to use at home. For other people, using an ash color could end up with a color correction appointment with a professional. This can be very timely and expensive. When in doubt on using ash hair color, going to a local beauty supply store is recommended. They can help you with picking the right color and tone so you will not end up with ash green hair.