How To Fix A Blown Head Gasket At Home

16kit.jpgHopefully you are never put in the situation where you are discussing problems with your engine block or head gasket with your mechanic. Blown head gasket? Cracked your block? In either case you are sure to get a 4 figure quote to get it repaired. The question may cross your mind to junk the ride or maybe replace the whole engine. Neither option is cheap so what is the best?

The best answer to this, is fix it yourself! Even better, it will be in less than 1 hour. If you have a basic understanding of an engine then you’re on the way to a quick secure fix for cheap.

The product is called Thermagasket. It is well worth the time and money of trying to fix your problems. Worst case scenario, you try it and it doesn’t work. But I don’t think that will be the case. If Thermagasket does not work, then there are more problems than thought. Your mechanic is going to have more in store when they tear it apart and your bill is sure to go up. In this case the crack in the block or in the head itself should be put on hold until you figure out what caused it. There is a reason for the crack or the overheating to blow the head gasket. Typically it is something small that causes an engine to overheat like low oil, no coolant and other simple problems that can sometimes be over looked. It happens. Find out what caused your problem and fix it.

Theramgasket can take over and fix the crack or the head gasket. Check out their website for extra information and remember you have nothing to lose when using this product. If you are already into a 4 digit repair, trying this $100 product can take away a lot of the mechanics time and save you a lot of money and your ride.