“As Seen On TV” Miracle Grill Mat: Does It Really Work?

Every one has seen the “As Seen On TV” products and commercials. No matter what the product is, it always works perfect on the show. So, you order one and try it yourself. It is always a mystery if it is actually going to work like you it did on the commercial, or if it is going to fail miserably. We put the Miracle Grill Mat to the test to find out if it really does work. This is what we found.


The Miracle Grill Mat claims all of the following:

  • Just wipe clean.
    • If the mat is still warm, wiping it removes more food. Although this is not enough to say that the mat is “clean” and put it away. We have found that it is easiest to get the food off the grill still on the mat. After eating, the mat is put in the kitchen sink and sprayed off with HOT water. We do use a sponge and dish soap to lightly scrub over both surfaces to clean. One thing not recommended is leaving the mat on the grill and forgetting about it. Cleaning the mat a week later makes it much harder. Soaking and heavy scrubbing is then needed.
  • Easily cut to fit any grill.
    • It is a flexible material that would be easily cut for a smaller grill.
  • Stores easily.
    • It is recommended to store flat, so we just keep them in the box they came in.
  • Non toxic material is safe for all food.
    • This one we will have to trust the company on the claims for safety.
  • 5 year warranty.
    • I am not exactly sure how the warranty works as there was no information on the site about it. It does say for other questions and additional information to contact customer support.
  • Veggies won’t fall down in the grill.
    • This has been one of the main reasons that we love our mats. It does not matter what you put on them, it will not fall in the grill grates. This expands the grilling variety on food that you can try without being concerned that you will lose it in your grill.
  • Fish won’t stick.
    • We are not big fish eaters, so we have not tried fish specifically. BUT, we have not had any food that would stick to the mat.
  • BBQ more outside with the Grill Mat™.
    • We tend to BBQ year round (even in the Indiana snow) but the mat does help with not burning the food.

As Seen On TV Miracle Grill Mat

When asked if the “As Seen On TV” Miracle Grill Mat works, there is a simple answer. YES! This is a product that is highly recommended and you will not be unsatisfied. Using this mat when grilling will give you a new outlook on your grilling experience.

Have you used this mat before? Let us know what you think in our comments!