Learn How To Do Your Own Windshield Repair

windshield repair before and afterThere is nothing worse than driving down the road and then hearing the sound of something hitting your window. Did it make a mark? Is there a chip? A crack? You search and look your windshield up and down hoping you do not see any evidence of the hit. Then it happens, you see the chip. What do you do next? File a claim with your insurance? Call a repair company to your house? Take it somewhere to fix? The answer is no! You buy a $10 Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit and fix it your self at home! Keep reading to see just how easy it actually is.




windshield repair 1. Make sure your window is very clean.





windshield repair device 2. Position windshield repair device so the rubber mouth is directly over the biggest part of the chip.





 Windshield Repair Proper plunger placement 3. After proper placement is confirmed, tighten the resin chamber until the rubber mouth is in full contact with the windshield. Do not over-tighten as this will make an unusual shape repair.




Adding windshield repair resin  4. Place 3-6 (depending on the size of the repair) drops of the repair resin into the resin chamber.





Windshield Repair Pressure driver 5. Tighten the pressure driver into the resin chamber until it is almost fully tightened.





Windshield Repair Rubber mouth opened wide 6. Check from inside the vehicle that the rubber mouth has opened wide with the tightening from the pressure driver. Give the repair resin 4-6 minutes to set.




Unscrew windshield repair pressure driver7. Completely unscrew the pressure driver from the resin chamber and remove. This allows any air that may be trapped a way to get out. Repeat #5, but fully tighten this time. Wait another 4-6 minutes.




removing windshield repair device 8. Remove repair device from windshield by breaking the seal on the suction cups. Clean up extra resin that may be on the window.




Applying windshield repair resin and curing strip9. Apply a small drop of resin in any area that is not fully repaired. Quickly cover with the curing strip after the resin is applied. Pull vehicle outside in direct sunlight to help curing process. After the resin has cured, approximately 5-10 minutes, remove curing strip. Continue this process until all areas are repaired. Finish the window by removing all excess resin with a razor blade.



Choosing to do your own window repair is the right choice with this kit. The price and simplicity are unbeatable! Good luck in your repair and let us know if you have any other suggestions!